other ministries

It is our aim that all our church members be actively involved in personal outreach to those within their circles of relationships, family, work, community, etc. We see this as the primary means of our church to engage and win the world for Christ. We offer any training and help for those wanting to start up things like local investigative Bible discussions with unbelieving neighbors, or to meet one-on-one with friends who are open to spiritual things and talking about Jesus and the message of Scripture. 

As a church body, our collective efforts center around a couple events: 

  • Vacation Bible School
  • Mercy Ministry :: any in the community seeking financial, physical, or other assistance can receive aid through our Mercy Ministry at any time. We will seek to minister to the physical needs, and we also use this as an opportunity to minister to the spiritual needs of the community. 
  • Food Kitchen :: several individuals help regularly in one of our local food kitchens