who is Jesus?


Christ, as He is God, is infinitely great and high above all.  

He is higher than the kings of the earth, for he is King of kings, and Lord of lords.  

He is higher than the heavens, and higher than the highest angels of heaven.  

So great is He, that all men, all kings and princes, are as worms of the dust before Him.  

All nations are as the drop of the bucket, and the light dust of the balance, yes, and angels themselves are as nothing before Him. He is so high, that He is infinitely above any need of us, so above our reach that we cannot be profitable to him, and so above our conceptions that we cannot comprehend him.

Christ is the Creator and great Possessor of heaven and earth.  

He is sovereign Lord of all!  

He rules over the whole universe, and does whatsoever pleases Him.  

His knowledge is without bound.  

His wisdom is perfect, and what none can circumvent.  

His power is infinite, and none can resist Him.  

His riches are immense and inexhaustible.  

His majesty is infinitely full of awe.  

Yet, his condescension is sufficient to take a gracious notice of the most unworthy, sinful creatures, those that have no good deservings, and those that have infinite ill-deservings. 

          (Jonathan Edwards, "The Excellency of Jesus Christ" )

This glorious King, stooped in the greatest demonstration of humility imaginable: the God of the Universe became a man to rescue sinners from Satan, their sin, and God's consequent wrath. He drank the cup of God's fury so that God could pour out His mercy in fullest degree (for God would never compromise his justness). He now calls you, sinner, rebel and offender against God himself, to receive his mercy and accept his forgiveness by turning from your wicked ways, and following his beloved Son. If you truly believe, causing you to turn away from your evil heart's desires and ask God for mercy and forgiveness, He will grant it. He will freely and gladly accept you, cleanse you, and adopt you as His Son. You have His Word on that. We implore you, sinner, be reconciled to God! Why would you die under God's wrath and then suffer His eternal wrath after this life, and when He has made a way of escape?! Why would you not trade your short, quickly fading days for the everlasting love and glory of God which is found for us in Jesus Christ?

If you want to know more about Christ, more about his life and purpose, please contact us. Do not delay. No simple prayer magically makes a person a Christian. A new life in Jesus Christ alone will make you a Christian. Begin this new life today by asking God to have mercy on your soul.