our Vision

CrossPointe Community Church


exalts the supremacy of CHRIST


by helping others to

know His grace

grow in His grace

and share His grace with others.


Four characteristics that make us CrossPointe


We intentionally identify our church with the historic stream of classic, orthodox Christianity. Just as the roots of a tree provide it strength and nourishment, our theological roots run deep through the centuries of biblically faithful men and women who have stood for "the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints". Our services usually echo the confessions of the Protestant Reformation, the great ecumenical creeds of Nicea and Chalcedon, and the Apostles' Creed. Of course the ultimate source of our strength and nourishment comes from the inspired testimony of Old and New Testament scriptures which we regard as our only infallible authority.


We live in the 21st century and believe that the gospel is as relevant today as it has ever been. Our goal is to achieve relevance without succumbing to trendiness. We understand the need to translate historic truth to the vernacular of today's American population. We want to take the great doctrines of the Bible and apply them appropriately to the unique situations that we encounter in today's world. The message is unchanging but the audience is very different than even twenty years ago. We want to model Paul's flexibility to speak the language of our audience, whether or not they are biblically literate and prove that the message of the cross never runs out of style.


God does not save us to live in splendid isolation but to be joined to a body - a family made up of brothers and sisters in Christ. The church is not like a country club that we join and then choose whether or not to get involved. It is a living organism that we need for our own spiritual benefit. The scripture speaks often about the benefits of belonging to a body of believers who encourage, forgive, love, pray for and sometimes even challenge one another. We believe that a Christian can grow in grace through the private means of Bible reading, memorization and prayer but that they can never achieve the level of maturity that Christ demands apart from active participation in church life.


While we have a "Reformed" view of salvation, believing that God is sovereignly free in giving us the benefits of Christ, we want to be a church that is "always reforming" ourselves according to the scripture. We are certain that we have not "arrived". We are in a journey, guided by the compass of the cross. The leadership of the church is always asking whether or not our beliefs and practices are directed by the gospel. We are convinced that the Bible corrects our errors and directs our steps and that it is of utmost importance that we constantly evaluate the life of our church in light of its teaching.